Price for this source code is
$500 only
Number of developers who can buy this source code for this amount of money is limited So, hurry up.
Send email to me for instruction how to pay for it.

2 applications 7/39 and 6/49
second is faster because of smaller number of combinations

What filters you will get in full version in source code?
You can control

ODD/EVEN numbers
LOW/HIGH numbers

FORCED number
MULTIPLY by 2, 5 or 10

LEFT OUT from 1-6 numbers

you can turn on or off any of these filters
I hope this can help
and resulting combinations will be generated
with full speed of your PC in a second or less

This software is NEW. From February 2011.
There is only one EXE file, no need for install or uninstall procedure. Just unpack zip file and start as_lsfw.exe .
Application is safe, we will not change anything in your system.






Lotto combinations generator
Fast one, I mean really fast.
Source code for software developer
You will get 2 applications
first one support 7/39 lottery game
second 6/49
(second is little changed first one,
we make changes to save you your time)

You will get 2 source code files
with about 2000 lines written in
more then 5000 lines in ASSEMBLER.


Lotto is game that we can find on all over the globe. Every programmer at least just once has tried to write application for generating abbreviated lotto system. Some of them find a solution, others simply give up. Problem is always SPEED, At what speed we generate combinations, so we can reach acceptable number of combination for given restrictions that we want to apply. Before we get to abbreviated lotto systems we need full lotto system, to test,try...

Here you will find small application so you can test what speed you can expect on your PC system. This is DEMO ONLY but it can be usefully, as you will see, I suggest you to try it, think about it and if you want to know how this was done, contact me.

This application (demo version) have some limitations, as you expect. First limitation is that you can not choose more then 39 total numbers in system. Second, number per combinations is FIXED to 7. You can generate combinations using total of 8-39 numbers in system, You can set sum for combination numbers (min /max), you can set min odd and even numbers in combination, set one fix number,choose numbers in range and you can mix these all conditions. I believe that this will be enough for you to figure out what you can expect when you buy SOURCE CODE. YES, YOU CAN BUY THIS APPLICATION SOURCE CODE at very low price for limited time, and you can use functions from it, or you can add support for other conditions, you can change limitations so others lotto system can be supported. This is offer for software developers, so I don't have to explain all possibilities for what you can use this "small" know how.

No more talk. Download demo application (this is really small one) and see for yourself can you use it for something usefully or not. Do you need this speed or not, Do you want to add this FAST GENERATING FULL (or abbreviated) lotto combinations in your application. If you need more info, just ask, I will try to answer.




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This is good starting point for any lottery software. Next step is how to cat number of combinations down, for this you will need again this speed that you will learn from this and you will be on the right way to designee good lottery abbreviated systems. Just for your info, look at the screen damp , On faster PC you will get time results that will be "unbelievable".
And after all, you will not only use, you will know how it was done.
IMPORTANT, you can use this software as you like but don't forget that THIS IS NOT END USER LOTTO APPLICATION so,
from that reason resulted abbreviated systems are not the best, can be usefully, but not the best. Use this as starting point for your NEW LOTTERY SOFTWARE and make a perfect one.

We generate full system 7/39 without storing data in memory in 0.062 seconds.

We generate full system 7/39 with storing in memory in 0.187 seconds.

We generate 15380937 combinations and choose only those:
if sum is in range 140-150,
number od odd/even numbers in combinations are 3 and 4
in all of them must be number 25 (our lucky one)
and any combination must have 2 numbers in range from 1 to 20
min number 3, max number 37
max 1 neighboring number
we want only 2 numbers from combination we enter
and store them in memory
Time is only 0.235 seconds

On faster PC this time will be... Check it out.

All functions that actually generate or check combinations
are written in ASSEMBLER using
some of MMX instructions,
that's the reason why all of this work
with lighting speed
(PowerBasic has inline assembler support)


This is one of a kind offer for software developers. I hope that this will help you not only in software business,
but in lottery too. Remember me when (not if) that good time come for you. Period.


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